Vol. 30 No. 2 December 2004 Special Topic: ARGUMENT STRUCTURE AND GRAMMAR
Vol. 30 No. 2 December 2004 Special Topic: ARGUMENT STRUCTURE AND GRAMMAR 2004.12.31
Editors in Chief:
Jen Ting, National Taiwan Normal University





Argument-Function Linking in Resultatives One-Soon Her 1-34 θ-Criterion, linking, resultatives, LFG, absorb, suppress, control
On the Cantonese Resultative Predicate V-can Gu Yang and Virginia Yip 35-67 Cantonese syntax, causative structure, unaccusative structure, adversative resultative complement
On the Licensing of A-not-A Forms in Chinese and the DP Hypothesis Miao-Ling Hsieh 68-92 A-not-A forms, wh-word, DPs, licensing of polarity items, existential interpretation, unselected embedded if-questions
Serial Verb Constructions vs. Secondary Predication Huei-Ling Lin 93-122 serial verb construction, secondary predication, complement, adjunct, Taiwanese
Against Across-The-Board Movement Niina Ning Zhang 123-156 extraction, ATB construction, major constituent movement, sub-Constituent Movement
Grammaticalization of the Reported Speech Frames Wo shuo and Ni shuo in Mandarin Conversation Hsueh-o Lin 157-182 reported speech, grammaticalization, metonymy, pragmatic inferencing, pragmatic marker
Chinese Learners' Overgeneration of English Existential Constructions Min-chieh Chou 183-214 English existential constructions, Chinese-English Interlanguage, Mandarin you-sentences, topic-prominent language, discourse function of Mandarin, the definiteness effect