Information for Contributors
1. Articles should be submitted electronically onto Concentric's online Submission & Review System, or submitted as e-mail attachment, in Word for Windows and in its PDF version, at Other formats are possible; please contact the editors first.
2. Authors who are not native speakers of English are urged to have their articles thoroughly proofread by a native speaker prior to submission.

To facilitate the double-blind review process, all identifying features should be removed from the paper itself by ensuring that no author's name or affiliation appears on the title page or in the running heads. There should also be no hidden identification information that makes the author's identity clear. Papers that have not had all such features removed will be returned without review for alteration and resubmission. (Please see the file of "Ensuring a Blind Peer Review" in the following Download section for more information.)

4. Except for inset quotations and footnotes in single space, manuscripts must be typeset in 12-point Times New Roman. Papers are normally limited to 30 single-spaced pages in length, including a 150-word abstract and some key words.
5. The journal will not consider for publication papers being simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
6. The author(s) will receive one copy of the journal and the e-copy of the paper in its PDF version upon publication.
7. It is the journal's policy to require assignment of copyright from all authors.


1 . Basic Information of Contributors
2 . Title Page
3 . Concentric Style Sheet
4 . Author's Style Sheet
5 . Template
6 . Ensuring a Blind Peer Review

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