Vol. 45 No. 1 May 2019
Vol. 45 No. 1 May 2019 2019.05.31
Editors in Chief:
Miao-Hsia Chang (National Taiwan Normal University) & Shiao-hui Chan (National Taiwan Normal University)





The syntactic categories of adverbials in Isbukun Bunun (Open access paper of Vol. 45) Hsiao-hung Iris Wu 1-23 adverbs, adverbial verbs, ordering, adjunction, functional projections, Isbukun Bunun
On maximality in Mandarin possessives (Open access paper of Vol. 45) Chyan-an Arthur Wang 24-43 maximality, possessives, relational nouns, Mandarin Chinese
Indirect tone-prominence interaction in Kunming tone sandhi Hui-shan Lin 44-81 Kunming tone sandhi, prosodic head, tone-(non-)head correlation, Optimality Theory
Lagi in Standard Malaysian Malay: Its meaning conceptualization Siaw-Fong Chung 82-111 Lagi, Standard Malaysian Malay, adverb, corpus
Identity construction in advertising: A case study of Portuguese bank pamphlets Korapat Pruekchaikul 112-140 language and identity, socio-discursive interactionism, grammar of visual design, actantial model, Portuguese advertising, multimodal text