Vol. 35 No. 2 July 2009
Vol. 35 No. 2 July 2009 2009.08.01
Editors in Chief:
Jing-lan Joy Wu, National Taiwan Normal University & Miao-ling Hsieh, National Taiwan Normal University





Acoustic Correlates of Mandarin Nasal Codas and Their Contribution to Perceptual Saliency Yi-hsiu Lai 143-166 Mandarin Chinese nasal coda, formant transition, nasalization
Body-Coda or Onset-Rime: The Syllable Internal Structure of Taiwan Southern Min Joyce H.-C. Liu 167-191 syllable internal structure, body-coda, onset-rime, Taiwan Southern Min, speech errors
Documenting Paiwan Phonology: Issues in Segments and Non-Stress Prosodic Features Chun-Mei Chen 193-223 Paiwan, phonology, segments, non-stress prosodic features
The Tonal Leveling of Taiwan Mandarin: A Study in Taipei Hui-ju Hsu, John Kwock-ping Tse 225-244 leveling, Taiwan Mandarin, language contact, tone
The Diachronic Change of the Diminutives in Yuebei Tuhua: An Optimality-Theoretical Analysis with Partially Ordered Constraints Ming-chung Cheng 245-267 diminutive, OT, partially ordered constraints, language variation, Yuebei
Some Notes on Sloppy Identity in Mandarin Sluicing Ting-Chi Wei 269-306 sluicing, sloppy identity, strict identity, PF-deletion, pro sluice analysis
Intrasentential Codeswitching: Bilingual Lemmas in Contact Longxing Wei 307-344 mental lexicon, lemma, bilingual, content, system, morpheme, activation, congruence