Vol. 28 No. 2 June 2002
Vol. 28 No. 2 June 2002 2002.06.30
Editors in Chief:
Yung-O Biq, National Taiwan Normal University





Asymmetry in Mandarin Consonant Articulations: Evidence from Slips of the Tongue I-Ping Wan 1-25 slips of the tongue, language production, underspecification
Why a Construction—That is the Question! Lily I-wen Su 27-42 cognitive linguistics, construction grammar, idiomatic expression
Corpus-based Lexical Semantic Study of Verbs of Doubt: HUA⇔IYI⇔ 懷疑 and CAI 猜 in Mandarin Mei-chun Liu 43-55 lexical semantics, verbal semantics, Mandarin verbs, verbs of doubt
From a Motion Verb to an Aspect Marker: A Study of Guo in Mandarin Chinese Leslie Fu-mei Wang 57-84 image schema, metaphorical extension, grammaticalization, profile
Discourse Functions of Anne in Taiwanese Southern Min Miao-Hsia Chang 85-115 deictic term, discourse analysis, Taiwanese Southern Min, grammaticalization
Minimization, Conversational Inference, and Grammaticalization in Taiwanese Southern Mi Ing Cherry Li 117-148 grammaticalization, conversational implicature, metonymy, Taiwanese Southern Min, minimization
Discontinuity of Conversational Topics Kawai Chui 149-174 conversational topic, topic discontinuity, topic chain, discontinuity markers, background information
The Effects of Teaching a Difficult Grammatical Feature of English through Grammar Instruction and a Communicative Approach Chu-tai H. Lee & Chaochang Wang 175-192 communicative approaches, grammar instruction, English teaching in Taiwan