Vol. 30 No. 1 June 2004 Special Topic: CORPUS AND GRAMMAR
Vol. 30 No. 1 June 2004 Special Topic: CORPUS AND GRAMMAR 2004.06.30
Editors in Chief:
Ing Cherry Li, National Taiwan Normal University





Corpus and Grammar: What It Isn't Chris C-C Shei 1-18 generative grammar, psycholinguistics, aphasia, neuroimaging, corpus linguistics, extended lexical unit
Subjectification and the Use of the Complementizer SHUO Lily I-wen Su 19-40 subjectification, complementizer, lexicalization, grammaticalization
People, Things and Stuff: General Nouns in Spoken Mandarin Yung-O Biq 41-64 general nouns, corpus-based lexico-grammar, collocation, phrasal expression, construction
A Corpus-based Study of Mandarin Verbs of Doing Leslie Fu-mei Wang 65-85 corpus linguistics, verbs of doing, semantic prosody
The Syntactic Grounding and Conceptualization of Hakka BUN and LAU Huei-ling Lai 87-105 conceptualization, syntactic grounding, semantic constraints, trajector-landmark alignment, proximity principle
Lexical vs. Syntactic Negation in Taiwanese Huei-Ling Lin 107-128 Taiwanese, negation, A-not-A question, disjunctive question, tag question
The Control of Fundamental Frequency in Chinese Aphasics: Impaired or Intact Prosody Wen-hui Sah 129-149 fundamental frequency, sentence-final peak-to-valley F0 fall, the P1 effect, aphasia, prosody, dissociable impairment