Vol. 42 No. 2 November 2016
Vol. 42 No. 2 November 2016 2016.11.18
Editors in Chief:
Hui-shan Lin, National Taiwan Normal University & Miao-Ling Hsieh, National Taiwan Normal University





Consonant Features in Mandarin Speech Errors I-Ping Wan 1-39 speech errors, phonetic similarities, consonant features, Mandarin
Alternations and Preservations in Tone Sandhi of Meixian Hakka Johnny Lee 41-63 Meixian Hakka, Optimality Theory, disyllabic tone sandhi, assimilation, dissimilation, local conjunction
From Volition to Obligation: A Force-Involved Change through Subjectification Ting-Ting Christina Hsu 65-97 subjectification, force dynamics, volition, deontic modal, intentional verb
Moral Stances in Undergraduates’ Reflective Narratives on English Learning Chi-Hua Hsiao 99-133 English learning, interaction, moral stances, reflective narratives, tellership
Laughter, Smiling and Their Pragmatic/Interpersonal Functions: An Interactional Linguistic Account Li-Chi Lee Chen 135-168 conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, laughter, multimodal discourse analysis, smiling