Vol. 32 No. 1 January 2006 Special Topic: CHINESE LINGUISTICS
Vol. 32 No. 1 January 2006 Special Topic: CHINESE LINGUISTICS 2006.01.31
Editors in Chief:
Lillian M. Huang, National Taiwan Normal University & Elizabeth Zeitoun, Academia Sinica





The Metrical Structure of Changhua Folk Verse Yuchau E. Hsiao 1-29 corpus, folk verse, Optimality Theory, constraint ranking, metrical structure
Directionality in Chengdu Tone Sandhi Hui-shan Lin 31-67 Chengdu, tri-tonal sandhi, quadri-tonal sandhi, directionality, Optimality Theory
Contraction and Backgrounding in Taiwan Mandarin Karen Steffen Chung 69-88 contraction, Taiwan Mandarin, backgrounding, elision, topic-comment, utterance-final, discourse, phonotactics
The Middle Construction in Mandarin Chinese and the Presyntactic Approach Jen Ting 89-117 middle construction, presyntactic approach, argument structure, patient subject construction
Are There Dangling Topics in Mandarin Chinese? Ray Rui-heng Huang, Jen Ting 119-146 topic construction, dangling topic, subject in Chinese, PP-reduced form
Interplay between Forward and Backward Transfer in L2 and L1 Writing: The Case of Chinese ESL Learners in the US Fred Jyun-gwang Chen 147-196 language transfer, forward transfer, backward transfer, the U-shape curve, Principal Branching Direction (PBD), Principle of Temporal Sequence (PSE), crosslinguistic learner performance comparison, contrastive research, metalinguistic and crosslinguistic