Vol. 41 No. 2 November 2015
Vol. 41 No. 2 November 2015 2015.11.27
Editors in Chief:
Hsi-Yao Su, National Taiwan Normal University & Hsiao-hung Wu, National Taiwan Normal University





L1 Acquisition of Chinese Causal and Manner Questions: Data from zenme hui and hui zenme Chi-chang Roy Li, Chun-yin Doris Chen, & Li-chin Yang 1-35 agency, genericity, manner question, causal question, L1 acquisition
Thematic and Argument Structures of Mandarin Si-V and V-Si Compound Verbs Ai-Li Hsin and Rui-Ming Zhong 37-61 Mandarin si-compound, causative, thematic structure, grammaticalization
The Phonetics and Phonology of L2 Accentuation Patterns by Taiwanese Mandarin-Speaking Learners of Japanese Miho Nigo 91-108 Second language acquisition, Japanese pitch accent, Taiwanese Mandarin, Syllable weight, Accent-bearing unit, L1 transfer
Analysis of Japanese Pitch Accent in L1 and L2 Speech Naomi Ogasawara 63-89 pitch accent, L2 acquisition, Japanese, Taiwan Mandarin