Vol. 27 No. 2 June 2001
Vol. 27 No. 2 June 2001 2001.06.30
Editors in Chief:
Lillian M. Huang, National Taiwan Normal University





Universal Constructions? Relativization in English and Chinese Yen-hui Andrey Li 81-102 relativization, universal constructions, nominal structures, determiner, reconstruction
A Constraint-Based Approach to Chinese Speakers' Acquisition of English Consonant Clusters Yuh-Huey Lin 1-33 EFL consonant clusters, Optimality Theory, interlanguage phonology
The Effect of Vowel Duration on the Perception of Postvocalic Voiced/Voiceless Consonants Hsu Samuel Wang, Jui-Chun Wu 35- 51 vowel duration, voiced/voiceless consonants, perception, pronunciation teaching
Interlanguage Tone Sandhi: Rule Interaction in Mandarin-Min Code-Mixing Hui-shan Lin 53-79 Mandarin-Min code-mixing, tone sandhi, Optimality Theory, universal constraints
The Grammaticalization of Jiushi and Jiushishuo in Mandarin Chinese Yung-O Biq 103-124 grammaticalization, lexical semantics, collocation, contiguity
Generating Applause and Laughter: A Study of Rhetoric and Response in the 1998 Taipei Mayoral Debates Sai-hua Kuo 125- 149 political debates, applause, laughter, message content, rhetorical devices
A Comparison of the English Reading Comprehension Passages and Items in the 1999 College Entrance Examinations of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China Hengsyung Jeng 151-184 reading comprehension tests, difficulty levels, the New Dale-Chall Readability Formula, types of reading comprehension questions
Tapping on High School Students' Conception of English Conversation: Survey Results from 2000 NTNU English Camp Shau-Ju Chang 185- 207 English conversation, conversational competence, teaching, high school, Taiwan
Learners' Belief and Second Language Anxiety Yuh-show Cheng 209-223 second language anxiety, self-efficacy, giftedness belief
Selecting Errors for Selective Error Correction John Truscott 225-240 correctability, error correction, error type, selective correction