Vol. 31 No. 1 June 2005 Special Topic: AUSTRONESIAN LINGUISTICS
Vol. 31 No. 1 June 2005 Special Topic: AUSTRONESIAN LINGUISTICS 2005.06.30
Editors in Chief:
Lillian M. Huang, National Taiwan Normal University





On the Status of Onglides in Isbukun Bunun Hui-chuan J. Huang 1-20 prenuclear glide, syllable, cooccurrence restriction, stress assignment, Optimality Theory
Vowel Dispersion in Truku Wen-yu Chiang and Fang-mei Chiang 21-45 Truku, dispersion of vowels, vowel space, vowel distance, gender, stress
Another Look at the Order of Clitic Pronouns in Wulai Atayal Hsiu-chuan Liao 47-63 Wulai Atayal, Formosan languages, clitic pronouns, word order, phonological factor, syntactic factor
Iconicity and Tense, Aspect, and Mood Morphology in Yami D. Victoria Rau 65-94 tense, aspect, modality, Yami, iconicity
Interrogatives as Polarity Items in Kucapungan Rukai Cheng-Fu Chen, Li-May Sung 95-117 Budai Rukai, Kucapungan variety, interrogatives, polarity items, polarity licensing, indefiniteness
Clause Constructions in Nanwang Puyuma Malcolm Ross, Stacy Fang-ching Teng 119-158 Puyuma, Radical Construction Grammar, clause types, typology, verbal clause, copula, classifying clause, identifying clause, locative clause, existential clause, possessive clause
Review Elizabeth Zeitoun 159-165