Vol. 38 No. 1 May 2012
Vol. 38 No. 1 May 2012 2014.02.19
Editors in Chief:
Chun-yin Doris Chen, National Taiwan Normal University & Jen Ting, National Taiwan Normal University





The Segment /w/ and Contrastive Hierarchy in Paiwan and Seediq Amy Pei-jung Lee 1-37 phonological patterning, segment /w/, contrastive hierarchy, Paiwan, Seediq, Formosan languages
An Acoustic and Perceptual Analysis of Compensatory Processes in Vowels Preceding Deleted Post-Nuclear /s/ in Andalusian Spanish Kristin M. Carlson 39-67 Andalusian Spanish, /s/ deletion, functional hypothesis, compensatory lengthening
Two Notes on the Chinese bi Comparatives Chen-Sheng Luther Liu 69-91 bi, correlative word, degree word, dimension conflict
Two Functional Projections in the Medial Domain in Chinese Yu-Yin Hsu 93-136 Topic, Focus, sentence-medial domain, Mandarin syntax, functional projection
Spatial Orientation in Yami Mei-hsiu Chen 137-151 spatial orientation, Yami, frame of reference, picture elicitation