Vol. 38 No. 2 November 2012
Vol. 38 No. 2 November 2012 2014.02.19
Editors in Chief:
Chun-yin Doris Chen, National Taiwan Normal University & Jen Ting, National Taiwan Normal University





Multimodality in Speech and Gesture: Manual Gesturing Influences the Acoustic Structure in Simultaneously Produced Vowels Eva Maria Luef 153-169 gesture-speech interplay, gesture and phonology, acoustic analysis, German vowels
An Optimality Theoretic Analysis of the Distribution of Hakka Prepositions DI, DO, BUN, LAU, TUNG, ZIONG Yu-Ching Tseng 171-209 Hakka, Optimality Theory, prepositional phrase
Understanding Genre in Use Lili Zhan 211-235 genre, cognitive structuring, strategy, public speech
Bi-directional Transfer in Chinese EFL Learners’ Apologizing Behavior I-Ru Su 237-266 bi-directional language transfer, speech act of apology, foreign language learning
A Discourse Study of Conversations Concerning the Lottery in a Rural Town in Hainan Island (Southern China) Xuehua Xiang 267-292 rhetorical language, speech play, ethnography of speaking, Shishan, Lingao
Subjectivity and Objectivity in Chinese Academic Discourse: How Attribution Hedges Indicate Authorial Stance Miao-Hsia Chang, Yu-Wen Luo & Yueh-Kuei Hsu 293-329 Chinese, academic discourse, attribution hedges, disciplinary variation, subjectivity, objectivity