Vol. 34 No. 2 January 2008
Vol. 34 No. 2 January 2008 2008.07.29
Editors in Chief:
Hsueh-o Lin, National Taiwan Normal University & Miao-ling Hsieh, National Taiwan Normal University





Grammaticalization in Squliq Atayal Lillian M. Huang 1-46 Atayal, Austronesian, auxiliary, complementizer, emphatic, evidential marker, filler, grammaticalization, negator, polysemous, pronoun, Squliq, verb
On the Rhythmic Vowel Deletion in Maga Rukai Yin-Ling Christina Chen 47-84 alignment constraint, vowel deletion, Maga Rukai, Optimality Theory
The Structure of the CCV Syllable of Akan Charles Marfo and Solace Yankson 85-100 Akan, economy (of speech), labialization, syllable structure, vowel harmony, vowel height
Conventionality and Novelty of Time Metaphor in English Poetry Jian-Shiung Shie 101-122 poetic metaphors, conventional metaphors, time metaphors, English poetry
Citation and Disciplinary Knowledge: A Comparison between Two Fields Yu-Ying Chang 123-152 English for Academic Purposes, citation analysis, discourse analysis, sociology of knowledge, sociology of science