Vol. 33 No. 2 July 2007
Vol. 33 No. 2 July 2007 2007.07.29
Editors in Chief:
Jen-I Li, National Taiwan Normal University & Miao-Hsia Chang, National Taiwan Normal University





Linking Data to Grammar in Phonology: Two Case Studies James Myers 1-22 phonology, psychology, quantitative linguistics, Pazih, Taiwan Sign Language
English Speakers and the Asymmetrical Matrix-Embedded Null Subjects in L2 Chinese Stano Kong 23-52 null subjects, asymmetry, parameters, critical period
The Weak Comparative Morpheme in Mandarin Chinese Chen-Sheng Luther Liu 53-89 weak comparative morpheme, differential measure phrase, interval argument
Malagasy Control Structures Charles Randriamasimanana 91-120 control, verb of saying, adjacency, argument, adjunct, tense
Thai Wh-expressions at the Left Edge of the Clause: Contrastive and Identificational Wh-clefts Sugunya Ruangjaroon 121- 157 (reduced) contrastive wh-clefts, (reduced) identificational wh-clefts, bare wh-expressions, D-linked wh-expressions