Vol. 44 No. 1 May 2018
Vol. 44 No. 1 May 2018 2018.05.30
Jen Ting National Taiwan Normal University & Shiao-hui Chan National Taiwan Normal University





VOT of Stops by Mandarin-Japanese Bilingual Children Makiko Tanaka 1-32 stop consonants, VOT, Mandarin, Japanese, bilingual children
More on Nominal Compounds and Nominal Juxtapositions in Mantauran (Rukai) Chien-pang Wang 33-63 Mantauran (Rukai), compounds, complex nominal phrases
Directionality of Change: Grammatical Variation and Do-Constructions in Taiwan Mandarin Kawai Chui 65-88 do-constructions, grammatical variation, directionality of change, speech and writing
The Effect of an Interlocutor’s Social Status on the Use of Apology Strategies: A Cross-Sectional Study Yuh-Fang Chang 89-122 pragmatic development, speech act of apology, Mandarin, social status